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DEV331 Option 1: Lift and Shift a traditional aspx forms application to EC2.

Duration: ~20 minutes
Windows local user: .\developer
Windows local password: ILove.Net!
SQL user: developer
SQL pass: ILove.Net!
Server AMI: ami-0a5f9b6fe6ae097c7
Server Region: EU (Frankfurt)
Development Machine Region: Canada Central

High Level Steps:

1 – Open the solution, build and test locally

2 – Publish the application to Elastic Beanstalk, Frankfurt region specifying AMI ami-0a5f9b6fe6ae097c7

3 – Verify that the application works

Detailed Step 1

1.1 – Log into the AWS console with the provided credentials.

1.2 – Select the Canada (Central) region

1.3 – Select the EC2 service

1.4 – Select the Instance named Visual Studio Instance

1.5 – Hit the connect button, download the remote desktop file and log in using the windows credentials above.

1.6 – Open Visual Studio 2017

1.7- Enter in the Access Key, Secret Key and Account number in the AWS Getting Started screen in Visual Studio:

Your Access Key and Secret Key are available in the account details (from when you entered the access code at the very beginning).

1.8 - Click Save and Close

1.9 - The AWS Explorer should open, in the dropdown for Region select EU (Frankfurt)

1.10 - Now open the solution ReInvent2018WebApp in the C:\Source\ folder, it will be in the recent projects list.

1.11 - Now build and start the application and verify that the app is working.

Detailed Step 2

(Note we are deploying to a Custom AMI for time constraints, inside this AMI is SQL Server already installed with the database already configured)

2.1 – Right click on the ReInvent2018WebApp in Solution Explorer and select Publish to AWS Elastic Beanstalk


2.2. On the first screen make sure the Region is set to EU (Frankfurt) and the Create a new application environment is checked and click Next


2.3. In the application environment screen, modify the application name to be unique, for example add your initials to the end of the name, then select the environment that ends in –dev and click check availability. If it says “The requested URL is not available” then modify the URL by adding a random number at the end and click Check availability again.


2.4: In the EC2 Launch Configuration screen:

Container type: 64bit Windows Server 2008 R2 v 1.2.0 running IIS 7.5
Instance type: t2.medium
Key Pair: <No key pair>
Use custom AMI: ami-0a5f9b6fe6ae097c7
Leave the rest of the options defaulted: a

2.5: In the permissions screen just keep the defaults and click Next:


2.6: In the Application Options screen keep the defaults and click Next:


2.7: On the Review screen, use the defaults and click Deploy, the application should start deploying and show you the progress. Wait for the screen to show you that the deployment has successfully launched and has the status Environment is healthy:

(Note: if this screen doesn’t automatically start up, navigate inside the AWS explorer to AWS Elastic Beanstalk, right click on it, hit refresh and then double click on your ReInvent2018WebApp stack to see the progress) a
Step 3 – click on the URL from the Beanstalk deployment and verify that your app is working