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DEV331 Option 2: Replatform a traditional aspx forms application to EC2 with RDS.

Duration: ~40 minutes
Windows local user: .\developer
Windows local password: ILove.Net!
SQL user: developer
SQL pass: ILove.Net!
Server AMI: ami-0a5f9b6fe6ae097c7
Server Region: EU (Frankfurt)
Development Machine Region: Canada Central

High Level Steps:

Step 1 – Verify the RDS Instance in the Frankfurt Region

Step 2 – Go to Visual Studio, update the web.config with RDS information

Step 3 – Perform database restore to RDS instance.

Step 4: Publish the application to Elastic Beanstalk.

Step 5 – click on the URL from the Beanstalk deployment and verify that your app is working